Botox and Dermal Fillers

When I first signed up for training in facial esthetics I told my mentors that I wanted to skip the botox training and just specialize in dermal fillers. I thought botox was this dangerous toxin that made people look wierd. They convinced me to attend the botox training as well and I came to believe that when it is used correctly, it can really do wonders for a person's appearance and is almost a miraculous procedure in that people can have almost a plastic surgery youthful result without the knife.

We've all seen horrible botox jobs and we promise at the office of Dr. Anthony J DeNavarra that we will only provide what we think is going to make you look younger and better looking. We have no desire to do injections which "overdo" the augmentation and provide a somewhat "freakish" appearance.

Look younger. Feel better. See the difference that Botox can make in your life. Botox is a simple, pain free injection that causes the facial muscles to tighten, leading to a more youthful appearance in just minutes.

Traditional cosmetic surgery can take you out of commission for weeks, as the incisions from the scalpel need time to heal. Infections and side effects are a reality in modern cosmetic surgery. But with Botox, you are in and out in a single visit, and in just a few days, you and your friends will see a visible difference.

We offer a variety of dermal fillers to make the lower face look more youthful and ease off some of those deep lines which make us look older.

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