Dr. D's Life - Hobbies and Interests

Flats fishing and guiding for snook, redfish, trout, cobia, and triple tail. We have been asked to guide for Dave Moore (Bucs color coordinator and former tight end), Tony Dungy, The Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya and many others. We play music in Tampa Bay. Sing, play guitar, harmonica and write songs. We played Baywalk for 3 years and various resorts and private functions. I have a recording studio which uses pro tools 8, melodyne, etc. and is called "Crystal Palace Studio". Al Koehn is a famous voice teacher who has been kind enough to take me on as a long term student. Carlos Morales (Gators at Treasure Island) taught me how to do midi backtracks and brought me light years ahead in computer music studio. Tony Dibrango is tutoring me in Pro Tools.

Hiking through the remote regions and rainforests of Central and South America with our kids. We study species of the animal kingdom with some filming. We have some nice footage of the Tikal Mayan ruins and one of the most primal rainforests in Central America called Corcovado National Forest. The Jesus Christ lizard running across the streams, the rare blue-green eye-lash viper resting in a tree next to us.

We are registered paleontologists with the state of Florida and we have been collecting fossils since 1984. We are currently building a museum of fossils which include mammoth molars including the sinus bones,mastodon teeth, various dinosaur teeth, giant ground sloths and more.

We have a camp with cabins on a river in the woods in Gulf Hammock whereby we raise animals and are actively involved in some hunting and a lot of conversation. We have put more than 100 Eastern wild turkeys on the land and over 1,000 bob white quails on the land to repopulate. We have been careful to keep the generic species constant with the rest of the inhabitants of the area.

Missions: have led mission teams to Central and South America for over 30 years now on short term mission trips. Some dental, some medical, some humanitarian.

Proactively studying implantology and all forms of advanced bone grafting. We enjoy thinking through predictable modern dentistry and adding ideas which may contribute to the science in some small way. Traveling to continuing education courses around the country as we are able.

Dr. D's Family

Married since 1978 to Mary Linda, and have 3 sons and 1 daughter. Spending time with them.

I have made a commitment to fish with Tony Jr. as much as I am able until he goes off to college. Tony Jr. is sort of the Steve Irwin (crocodile) of the next generation. He is always studying and collecting various species from the Tampa Bay area and has been doing community service at Mote Marine during the summer of 2011. He guides people through the main aquariums and answers any questions they may have.

My daughter Sarah is now an accomplished musician and teaches flute, voice lessons (singing (, and piano. She is enrolled at a music college in Florida working on the her bachelors then masters degrees.

Tony Jr. is 24 years old and has acquired his Captains license and does professional fishing charters and family excursions to islands for picnics, snorkeling, and whatever the family or group desires. He has been fishing since he was 4 years old and is very successful getting people into fish when he charters.

Latest News

Just returned from the Dominican Republic for 8 days in February 2010, and did surgery all day consisting of sinus lifts, autogenous block grafts from the chin and the ramus of the mandible to build ridge height and width for placing implants, segmental osteotomies and more. We used the piezosurgery unit for all our advanced bone grafting.

We have a very lengthy wealth of experience in using the piezosurgery technique to spare bone during surgical extractions as well as advanced bone grafting.

We gave a tabletop presentation of our new method of lifting the sinus for single tooth implant replacement using the piezosurgery at the ICOI in New Orleans in April, 2020.

This is another method of raising the sinus membrane for people who need implants in the upper jaw. This method cuts the costs by 2/3rd and the morbidity of pain and swelling is almost eradicated. It is also promising instead of using Summer’s osteotome technique which has been know to contribute to BPPV (vertigo due to mallet and osteotome). We do this without an incision through a small biopsy punch hole.

Most of our implants are placed without surgery. We have a unique method of using a biopsy punch and removing a round area of the gingival tissue and then placing the implant simply by using a few instruments which allow us to screw the implant in. Most of our patients have reported no pain or swelling postop so it has been proven very effective.