Dental Exams

OK, you know you need them. But, it's not always easy to find the time to schedule a dental exam. Too many people put off routine exams until a real problem arises. Don't be 'that' person!

The St. Petersburg Times had an article on 6/13/2011, "Skipping Dental Visits Proving Costly...Many put off tooth care as their budgets tighten. That can hurt mouth and wallet" by Richard Martin.

The late Paul Harvey stated that dentistry is the only profession dedicated to putting themselves out of business. This is the highest compliment an outsider can give us.

We believe in catching things early to keep the patient from developing an expensive, extensive, painful situation. This can only be done by doing regular x-rays and complete exams. In the office of Dr. Anthony J DeNavarra we use digital radiography by Kodak, which allows us to use extremely minimal radiation. We also proactively drape the patient with a thyroid lead apron as well as a full body lead apron.

At The Dental Offices of Dr. Anthony J. DeNavarra, we'll provide a comprehensive dentist exam at a low fee, and a through cleaning.

There are some dental offices which treat the hygiene appointment like a money producing assembly line. Many of these places offer a 20, 30, or 40 minute appointment. With the setup time, that translates to about 10 minutes less that that as well. We schedule one full hour for each patient. We always have and we always will. You will find our fees are lower than many (probably even most) dental offices, yet we offer more time than they do. Don't believe us? Check around!

We'll identify any issues before they become emergencies to the best of our abilities, and we'll offer a treatment plan that's designed with your needs in mind. We will try to recommend to you always what is in your best interest. We almost always offer a couple of options to allow the patient to make an intelligent choice which is right for them. This provides then with a choice related to keeping their costs down as well as varying levels of invasiveness.

With our centrally located office, convenient to St. Petersburg and South Pinellas County, Florida, we'll have you in, out and on your way in no time.

Just give us a call to schedule an appointment - don't put it off, call today at (727) 347-4392.

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