IV Sedation

*Music used with permission from www.strunzandfarah.com

'gentle, safe IV sedation in our large comfortable room is able to carry you away to another place'

'to a land of relaxation and dreams far, far away'

'perhaps a primal rainforest of Costa Rica'

'a beautiful orchid in God's natural garden'

'a waterfall in the middle of a Latin American jungle'

'an opportunity to leave time and worries far behind'

'and after the appointment is over……a new smile'

Scared of undergoing a major dental procedure? Dr. Anthony J Denavarra's dental office specializes in IV sedation dentistry. We realize that some dental surgical procedures may be very involved, and may require more time. For these types of operations, you may opt for IV sedation. IV sedation simply means that, after a gentle pinprick, you will rest comfortably throughout the entire procedure, with a new smile.

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