Introducing the Kodak 9300 3D Imaging System

The Kodak 9300 System represents a quantum leap forward in dental office technlogy. The Dental Offices of Dr. Tony DeNavarra recently aquired one of these state-of-the-art systems to provide fast, accurate three diminsional diagnostics to our dental office capabilities. This is called "cone beam" rather than traditional hospital type "CAT" which means the exposure time is less than a minute as opposed to a 30 minute exposure of traditional CAT scans. This is extremely minimal radiation to the patient. We have data and charts to illiustrate this infomation to those who may be concerned about radiation dosage.

Complex dental problems require innovative solutions. With the Kodak 9300 System, we are able to instantly see and identify dental issues that were once hidden. With high definition, panaromic 3D capabilites, the Kodak 9300 unit has revolutionized the field of dental diagnostics, allowing us to provide fast, accurate and pain free images for correct diagnosis and treatments. We will be able to show you that we can place the implant in a given area using this computer generated image of your anatomy prior to doing the actual procedure in your mouth. It also allows us to generate an accurate surgical guide for placing the implants. We keep our CT costs below $400 for the patients as opposed to a hosital CAT which is well over $1,000.

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