Lava Ceramic Crowns

Lava Ceramic Crowns from 3M Offer strength, beauty and a precision fit that simply outperforms traditional metal based crowns. The Dental Offices of Dr. Anthony J DeNavarra is proud to offer this high tech advancement to our clients. You will be amazed by the comfort and durability that Lava Ceramic Crowns offer. These beautiful crowns are available in a complete pallete of shades and translucencies designed to blend perfectly with all of your existing teeth. If you have concerns about the use of high nobel metals in your dental work, we offer the perfect alternative. Dr. Anthony J. DeNavarra will typically only do all ceramic crowns in the esthetic zone where people can see those crowns.

Through the use of advanced computer modeling, the 3M Lava Crown provides a perfect fit for the life of your dental work. Over time, traditional crowns can leave a discolored stain when the gumline recedes; Lava Crowns maintain their beauty for many years. See for yourself.

Old Technology - Metal Crown

Above is an example of a porcelain to metal crown which shows the ugly dark areas where the crown meets the tooth root. This is unsightly and we've all seen this far too many times in our observations of crowns.

New Technology - Lava Crowns

Above is a photo of a couple of "Lava" crowns by 3M which show no unsightly dark areas where the gums meet the crown. Notice also how the color is more natural, lifelike and translucent as opposed to the solid opaque color of the porcelain to metal crowns above. We also try to have the incisal edge of the crown look like natural enamel with a sort of clear, natural edge to it as shown on the photographs below. This is called an incisal "halo" effect.

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