Piezosurgery® Bone Surgery

The philosophy behind the development of Piezoelectric Bone Surgery and the entire clinical-scientific research program that led to the development of Mectron – Piezosurgery® is based on two fundamental concepts in bone microsurgery. The first is minimally invasive surgery, which improves tissue healing and reduces discomfort for the patient. The amount of post-operative pain and swelling is always much lower than with traditional instruments.

The second concept is surgical predictability, which increases treatment effectiveness. Indeed, the ease of controlling the instrument during the operation combined with reduced bleeding, the precision of the cut, and excellent tissue healing make it possible to optimize surgical results even in the most complex anatomical cases.

Clinical Characteristics

Precise Cutting Action – Microsurgical precision due to the devices oscillations, osteotomy’s that are .35mm thick. Selective Cutting Action – This physical property, which enables better cutting of mineralized tissues than soft tissues, depends on low frequency of ultrasonic waves and on the sharpness of the insert used. Preservation of soft tissue, Nerves, Vessels, Arteries and Sinus Membrane.

Intra-operatory Surgical Control – Surgical control of a cutting instrument for bone surgery is decisive to achieve the desired result. The cutting action produced by Piezosurgery® and it’s microvibrations requires less pressure 500 grams compared to traditional instruments. The consequence is that reduced force applied to the handle and the microvibrations generated by the cutting action increases surgical control, resulting in a reduction of anatomical risks.

Bloodfree Surgical Site – Bone Surgery using Mectron-Piezosurgery® is characterized by high visibility during the operation due to the fact that there is no bleeding when cutting.

Favorable Osseous Response – All histological and biomolecular studies on bone healing in areas where the osteotomy is performed using Piezosurgery® demonstrated many more advantages to healing than using bone burs.

Reduced Operation Stress – A surgeons stress during the operation is much less than when using a bur, thanks to the precision as well as intra-operatory control, respect for soft tissues, operation visibility, and better patient compliance.

Scientific Validation and Dissemination

The initial scientific, technological, and educational effort produced, directly and indirectly, over 100 publications in leading international magazines and journal dealing with various aspects and applications of Piezoelectric bone surgery in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

Brief Overview from the United States Air Force

The Piezosurgery® Dental unit is designed for a wide variety of applications including sinus lift procedures,extractions, bone block harvesting, bone graft harvesting, bone contouring, endodontic surgery, orthodontic micro surgery, ridge expansion, crown lengthening, periodontal therapy, implant site preparation, and tori removal. The Piezosurgery® Dental unit uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations (24.7-29.5 kHz) to cut osseous tissue while safely avoiding damage to soft tissues. Sterile irrigating fluids are delivered through either a sterile fluid bag or bottle. All parts of the unit through which fluids flow, including the handpiece cords and handpiece are sterilizable. This allows delivery of sterile irrigation while eliminating labor-intensive manual irrigation procedures. The Piezosurgery® Dental unit has one handpiece attachment. The unit is operated using an interactive keyboard with a digital display and multiple programmable settings. A foot pedal control is also available. The settings include four different power level options based on bone quality. Electrical requirements are 110VAC ± 10%, 60 Hz.

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