Early Dental Care

"Skipping Dental Visits Proving Costly...

OK, you know you need them. But, it's not always easy to find the time to schedule a dental exam. Too many people put off routine exams until a real problem arises. Don't be 'that' person! The late Paul Harvey stated that dentistry is the only profession dedicated to putting themselves out of business. This is the highest compliment an outsider can give us. We believe in catching things early to keep the patient from developing an expensive, extensive, painful situation. This can only be done by doing regular x-rays and complete exams. In the office of Dr. Anthony J DeNavarra we use digital radiography by Kodak, which allows us to use extremely minimal radiation. We also proactively drape the patient with a thyroid lead apron as well as a full body lead apron.

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People don’t want implants. People want teeth.

An important advantage of coming to the person who has the responsibility to restore the implant is that we have the mandate to place the implant in the optimal location to give you the best result in both the way they function and in the way they look cosmetically. In the past we had received some of our patients back from a “specialist” with the implant in a location which made it difficult for that patient to function and feel confident with their smile because the specialist explained that they had to place the implant “in the only place where the bone was available.” Our implant placement is what we call “restorative driven implant placement” which means that we will place the implant where it needs to go to make the patient function and smile without reservation.

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IV Sedation

To a land of relaxation and dreams far, far away,

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Botox and Dermal Fillers

Look younger. Feel better. See the difference.

Traditional cosmetic surgery can take you out of commission for weeks, as the incisions from the scalpel need time to heal. Infections and side effects are a reality in modern cosmetic surgery. But with Botox, you are in and out in a single visit, and in just a few days, you and your friends will see a visible difference.

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How We Can Help

We offer a wide range of procedures to help you get the perfect smile.